Interactive Research

Relationships Between Video Games and Sports

(Racing, Soccer, Football)

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Information listed in this section is specifically related to research that Kamini submitted to ESPN and other sporting venues to further investigate the relationships of video games and sports, of video games and sporting team, and of how video games and sports interact as per audiences.

1. Social precussions from video games have proven to have affect in sporting environments and tournaments, one that lapses in regulations.

2. Sports compliance is important in regulating games, tournaments, matches, and sports to make sure that needs are met and differences are understood.

3.  Social concepts affect both video games and sports, exhibitionally for definite.

4. Standards of regulated sports and fairness have been recently challenged.  This has an effect on video games.

Hacking Interactive Technology

By Kamini Kandica Abdool

Information on this page is listed to reference research information distributed to Mark Wahlberg for upcoming movie regarding hacking.  This is not a suggestion that information here will be the scenario in the movie.  This is just a listing to mark that Kamini submitted research material for a movie he’s writing.


5 ways that Interactive Technology has been hacked.

1 Gaming – Video Games are part of the new Hacking Craze

2 Television Interception – Television interception is a very popular hacking that shows in movies.  It’s very popular for movies in the 90s that discussed terrorism.

3 Frame Swapping

4 Changing color swatches

5 Eavesdropping music files – this is actually pretty common.  Hackers add eavesdropping bytes to music and they report back not just information on the computer but also records sounds on and around the computer environment.  Many times, the files move onto the computer from download sites such as bit torrent or even iTunes files.  Sometimes it happens when people move files from Windows media player


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